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Grease Monkey of Sterling (CLOSED)

45645 Shepard Dr.,  Sterling,  VA 20164
(800) 822-7706

Fleet Services

Fleet managers have a big job keeping their automotive fleet running in top form while minding the bottom line. Grease Monkey provides fast, professional, and affordable fleet services. We offer a complete line of fluid, filter and other automotive maintenance services, performed by a team of trained technicians, no appointment needed. Each Full Service Oil Change comes with a preventive maintenance checkup, and our Limited Warranty is our commitment to your complete satisfaction. Our services help increase your drivers’ safety, improve fuel economy, lower operating costs, and extend the life of your fleet vehicles. Limited Warranty

Your Grease Monkey keeps a history of all services performed, and you can be notified when your fleet vehicles need additional owner’s manual recommended maintenance services.

  • Convenient and cost-effective services
  • No appointment necessary
  • Detailed invoices
  • Consistent recordkeeping
  • Flexibility
  • Preventive maintenance schedules
  • Reduced workload for onsite mechanics
  • Extended life of your fleet

Extend the life of your fleet vehicles, increase the productivity and safety of your drivers, and keep the wheels of your business turning with Grease Monkey’s fleet services. For information on setting up a Fleet Service Program, contact us at 800-822-7706, or fill out the online application.

Easy Fleet Payment Processing with Wright Express (Optional)

The Wright Express Card is a fleet payment processor accepted by many Grease Monkey centers, making payments easy for your fleet services. There are two Wright Express card options:

  • Maintenance Only
  • Maintenance and Fuel

Select the card that best meets the needs of your fleet. Check with your local Grease Monkey center for details, or contact Wright Express at 1-888-660-8939.

These Companies Choose Grease Monkey™ For Their Fleet Servicing:

  • Automotive Resources International
  • Corporate Claims Management
  • Donlen Fleet Management
  • Emkay, Inc.
  • Enterprise Fleet Services
  • Fleet Response
  • Fuelman
  • GE Capital Fleet Services
  • Glesby/Marks Leasing
  • GSA
  • Lease Plan
  • Leasing Associates
  • Maps, Inc./Wheels, Inc.
  • Merchants Leasing
  • PHH Vehicle Management Corporation
  • State Fleet Management of Colorado
  • Ultea
  • Union Leasing, Inc.
  • Voyager
  • Wright Express

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